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Siesta time, Original Painting by Susana Zarate, of a cat in watercolour. Susana Zarate Susana Zarate
Siesta time is a picture of a white cat sleeping
Limited edition print from
Original work by susana zarate

Vibrant beautiful painting of a cat inspired from the memories that the artist has from her childhood in a farm and her pets.
This is a signed and numbered print from limited of 100 editions.
The print will be sent unframed and with Certificate of Authenticity.
Susana's figurative work seeks to capture the emotion of a particular moment and place what she does through an exploration the effects of light on form.
The ephemeral images and colours involve spiritual and emotional moment in life which is showing through luminous colours and bright reflective light which are center of Susana's work.
She moved from Barcelona to the uk In 2004 and she obtained her ba Hons at Northumbria University in 2010 after which she has pursued her passion for art full-time… More of her works can be viewed on line at
Siesta time, Original Painting by Susana Zarate, of a cat in watercolour
Arte Contemporáneo,  Artes digitales,  Estampaciones digitales
Autor: Susana Zarate
40.6 x  30.5 cm  /   16 x  12 in
Temas: Animales  /   Origenes: Europa  /   Género: Minimalismo  /   Autenticidad: Positivado firmado  /   Tipos de artistas: Artistas profesionales  /   Periodo: Contemporáneo  /  
Publicado: 29 de febrero, 2016 / Modificado: 29 de febrero, 2016
Copyright Susana Zarate

Michèle G
Miembro Premium Michèle G , 21 de abril
Super mignon ce chat. J'adore ce que vous faites. Bravo ! !
Kreaturs/eleanor Gabriel
Miembro Premium Kreaturs/eleanor Gabriel , 1 de Marzo
He is lovely and so cute !
Fany , 1 de Marzo
Magnifique ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Simple beau très bien réalisé; j adore
Miembro Premium Marie-Claude , 1 de Marzo
Tout mignon!
Siesta time, Original Painting by Susana Zarate, of a cat in watercolour
77 €  55 £  88 $ 
En venta
Susana Zarate
Susana Zarate
Newcastle, Reino Unido
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