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Presentation gallery. Maria Grazia Todaro Queenartstudio Gallery
Meetings, collective and personal exhibitions, artistic twinning, artistic art and culturel workshops, collaborations and comparisons, conferences and visual arts courses, pubblications, art fairs

Queenartstudio is an Gallery specialized for the organization of cultural and artistic events, fairs and exhibitions, its work is identifying a target audience, of the idea, of the event concept, of finding the location, of controlling the budget, planning the logistics and coordinating all technical and productive aspects oriented to its realization.
With a team of experts in the field, designers, public relations managers and press office personnel they can offer personalized solutions, supervising every single step of the organization and coordinating all the activities linked to cultural and artistic events management: from the location choice to the set-up, from booth scenic design to the communication materials.
The person in charge for the events is Dr. Maria Grazia Todaro, President of Queenartstudio, Art Director and Art Critic, and Control Manager, in the context of public and private cultural organizations manager for Italy of Mondials Art fairs
Furthermore Queenartstudio has been present on its city institutional scene, collaborating with several cultural and artistic municipal initiatives for several years.
We promote and collaborate with well known, and emerging artists, of QueenArtStudio team, who have taking part to our initiatives and for new acquisitions with several operators and realities in the world of art (galleries, museums, foundations… ), And with catalogues and culture and artistic promotion magazines for some time.
QueenArtStudio Gallery Padova Italia Art Director Maria Grazia Todaro tel +39 3346447738
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Google + QueenArtStudio
Presentation gallery
Arte Contemporáneo,  Otros,  Arte poético
Autor: Maria Grazia Todaro
Temas: Arquitectura, Monumentos  /   Origenes: Italia  /   Periodo: Contemporáneo  /  
Publicado: 10 de febrero, 2017 / Modificado: 10 de febrero, 2017
Copyright Queenartstudio Gallery

Jean-Jacques Copetta
Miembro Premium Jean-Jacques Copetta , 9 de abril
Me interesa su galería.
Presentation gallery
Precio no público
Queenartstudio Gallery
Queenartstudio Gallery
Marchantes de Arte Moderno & Contemporaneo 
Padova, Italia
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