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Facerock Table Lighter (tl-sb1). Petrasakis Petrasakis
Facerock Table Lighters are made of natural beach stones, in different face shapes and colours, collected from the shores of Cyprus and gathered to our workshop
Where, we transform them from a lifeless piece of rock into a real creature’s face. And that is what their name is after. “Facerock”
The front surface of each rock is grinded by hand to become smooth and then, it is
Hand polished, so when it is finished and grabbed in hand, it has the pleasing sense
Of silk touching.
Their movable googly eyes, which are glued on them, are giving the impression of
A live Creature and their noses of small real pebbles are hand picked and
Selected one by one to suit each facerock’s shape.
Finally their eyebrows and mouth are made of high quality self-stick plastic, which is hand-cutted in different shapes, thus expressing the face’s mood, I. E happy, sad, angry, etc.

After they are fully done, they are placed on wooden bases and a refillable lighter
Featuring Cyprus is then glued on the back side of the base.

Every piece is unique in its craftsmanship, shape and appearance thus making it
A valuable gift for the keen collector and the stone enthusiast
Facerock Table Lighter (tl-sb1)
Objetos de Arte antiguos,  Arte de la mesa
Autor: Petrasakis
4 x  6 x  8 cm  /   1.6 x  2.4 x  3.1 in
Peso 0.1 kg   /  0.22 lbs
Materias: Piedra  /   Origenes: Europa  /   Autenticidad: Original  /  
Publicado: 15 de febrero, 2017 / Modificado: 15 de febrero, 2017
Copyright Petrasakis

Facerock Table Lighter (tl-sb1)
10 €  7 £  11 $ 
En venta
Limassol, Chipre
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