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The Last Tree. Daniel Loveday Daniel Loveday
This could have been titled The Money Eaters, it's based on the famous saying:'When the last tree Is cut down, the last fish eaten, and the last stream poisoned, you will realise that you cannot eat money'The painting is a metaphor for environmental destruction. So when the last tree is left standing what's the best course of action? A corporation buys it, puts it on display and charges people for the privilege of seeing it. The sky is a polluted dirty orange beyond the dome, whilst inside the audience sit silently as witnesses in a court who won't speak, they are subdued with a light show of the creatures that might once have existed alongside the tree. Others in the front have purchased money with their last grains of food from a heavily guarded vendor, having been persuaded by the man in the suit that money is good to eat.
The Last Tree
Arte del siglo XX,  Pinturas,  Oleo
Autor: Daniel Loveday
4 x  100 x  100 cm  /   1.6 x  39.4 x  39.4 in
Peso 5 kg   /  11.02 lbs
Temas: Política  /   Origenes: Reino-Unido  /   Género: Simbolismo  /   Características: Firmado  /   Autenticidad: Directamente del Artista  /   Soportes: Sobre lienzo  /   Periodo: Contemporáneo  /  
Publicado: 18 de Marzo, 2017 / Modificado: 19 de Marzo, 2017
Copyright Daniel Loveday

Miembro Premium Hints4Art , 23 de Marzo
Love it! So true!
William Tagne Njepe
William Tagne Njepe , 21 de Marzo
Daniel j'aime, Expression bien rendu.
Miembro Premium Cédo , 20 de Marzo
Attention Eviter de faire écho. Il y a beaucoup d'arnaqueurs. Celui-ci comme le précédent est né le 1er janvier. Bien vérifier avant de répondre via mail perso.
Perolt Luc
Perolt Luc , 20 de Marzo
Contacter moi par, si l'oeuvre est encore en vente. Merci
The Last Tree
2.254 €  1.600 £  2.569 $ 
En venta
Daniel Loveday
Daniel Loveday
Artista Pintor 
Exeter, Reino Unido
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