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Woolley Bear (Jan 2018) - a digital pigment print. Ian Clegg Walsh Ian Clegg Walsh
I hesitated a little with the title of this, thinking maybe people will think I don't take my art seriously, but then I thought. It's my Art-y and I'll do what I want-y. Abstract forms seeded on a white background - an archival digital pigment print on gallery quality canvas. Artist's proof. This price does not include a frame, but I can print to your specified dimensions! The maximum size is indicated here, and there is a £20 discount for smaller sizes! You can get hold of a frame, and then tell me the size you need. All artworks are signed on the front, and signed with title and date on the back. Archival pigment inks as standard. Collectors can purchase my art locally in frames (often constructed by myself) but for distant buyers I much prefer to mail the prints in tubes, and then you can install them into your own frames. More secure, less damage in transit! Contact me ! ! Everything can be printed in any size up to 24»
Woolley Bear (Jan 2018) - a digital pigment print
Arte Contemporáneo,  Artes digitales,  Arte digital
Autor: Ian Clegg Walsh
86.4 x  6.4 x  66 cm  /   34 x  2.5 x  26 in
Peso 1.5 kg   /  3.31 lbs
Temas: Abstracto  /   Origenes: Reino-Unido  /   Género: Abstracto  /   Autenticidad: Directamente del Artista  /   Tipos de artistas: Artistas de ocio  /   Periodo: Contemporáneo  /  
Publicado: 13 de enero, 2018 / Modificado: 13 de enero, 2018
Copyright Ian Clegg Walsh

Woolley Bear (Jan 2018) - a digital pigment print
113 €  80 £  128 $ 
En venta
Ian Clegg Walsh
Ian Clegg Walsh
Mirfield, Reino Unido
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