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My new technique «overexposure of image and colors».

Gabriele Serrini Publicado: 22 de mayo, 2017 / Modificado: 24 de mayo, 2017
My new technique «overexposure of image and colors».
I want to talk here in this article of my new technique that I am perfecting. This is called «overexposure of image and colors», which consists of painting the portrait, on this occasion, on 2 separable surfaces to create a positive / negative effect. Once the two surfaces have been separated, it is again superimposed with 3 or 4 cm. Of distance between them, thus creating a different perspective of the image and the colors, that will change according to the position of where the painting is looked at or according to where it is illuminated. You can see the small video if you want. Thanks for interesting!
All comments will be welcome!
Gabriele Serrini

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