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Song of Empowerment

Michela Akers Publicado: 9 de diciembre, 2017 / Modificado: 12 de diciembre, 2017
Song of Empowerment
How deliberate do you want to be in delineating your world? Do you want to take the time and attention to pour energy into the minutiae of a day. Sooner you call for the perfection of the day. Your paintbrush makes more sweeping strokes.

Perhaps the ultimate thoughtform stategy--since it programs itself as so complete that nothing need be added nor subtracted--is to affirm the existence of Perfection. You have been taught that no one is perfect. That programming in and of itself is enough to sabotage dreams.

Perfection is the story of completion. When you see a mandala, a pattern completing, there is an energetic jump, a new level of engagement, a joy. Then it is complete. It is perfect. But, it is not static. This completion signals a new cycle to be explored.

«Inside» of you is a myriad of points of perfection, the ethereal existence, the coming and going of pure potentiality. You are perfection. In each Now, you are perfection, yet still evolving through your own self expression, through each and every Now. Every Now is a doorway, a portal into endlessly rich possibilities. Perfection hides inside this moment, this Now. Through your own creative act of consciousness, you dive into the golden sea of intelligent energy, twirling and dancing and soaring. These pure actions create an experience of life for you. You are an unfolding perfection and Now… A Song of Empowerment.
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