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Mother and Son

Dilsa Jimenez Publicado: 13 de enero, 2018 / Modificado: 15 de enero, 2018
Mother and Son
Venturing to create a production that is the heir to abstract expressionism is a brave exercise. Firstly, because in the face of the abundance of simplistic abstraction, the only option is to stand out by means of quality painting. An abstract painter defends their work with arguments as regards the composition, their undervalued, but decisive ability with color, or the firmness of a decision so radical as to dedicate their production to an impetus that is stronger than the external world.

However, speaking of the legacy of abstract expressionism is not to enclose oneself exclusively in the abstract, as was proved by the productions of the de Koonings. If we are obliged to take part in only one of the two sides, choosing between figuration and abstraction, Dilsa reconciles them both -a lesson in times of polarization, - yet another exercise of almost suicidal bravery that is puzzling about the artist. Her work is offered as an overwhelming ocean of color where, all of a sudden, ghost-like images appear: memories of other times and tight family links taken from photo albums or forgotten archives.

From that view of painting as an archive, her work presents two worlds: the testimonial that comes from photographs and texts, and the internal world that the artist suggests by way of the labyrinths in which her characters are hidden, the reason why Dilsa urges us to look with rigor and get lost in their recesses. Only by doing this, can we give in to the first condition described: a painting supported by the argument of an astute composition, of genius within the mists of color to which we are introduced, poignant in the conjunction of a scenario abstracted to allow for the appearance of these family scenes that lead us to identify with them.

Christian Padilla, Curator.
571+ 5312221
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