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Archaeological painting.  Abdullah Al Zahrani
.Experts say that the Louvre painting archaeological made the jinn and aged approximately 4.000 year

Made of precious stones and pure gold and even a tablet made ofglass cameo transparent. Fees can be seen from both sides. Mirrored within these fees Gemstones very small equal in size and brightly colored and calm

Tablet glass from the inside, including a picture showing a woman a beautiful shape and decorated with a crown on. Her head and plays guitar. There are at the top of painting a picture of four naked children. On top of all of them have small horns

To watch the video. Please click on the link

Archaeological painting
Objetos de Arte antiguos,  Arte Sacro
130 x  70 cm  /   51.2 x  27.6 in
Peso 20 kg   /  44.09 lbs
Materias: oro  /   Origenes: Artes de Oriente Medio  /   Autenticidad: Desconocido  /   Periodo: Antigüedades (Siglo V a. C - Siglo V d. C)  /  
Publicado: 22 de noviembre, 2011 / Modificado: 22 de noviembre, 2011
Copyright Abdullah Al Zahrani

Archaeological painting
877.192.982 €  622.807.018 £ $ 
En venta
Abdullah Al Zahrani
Abdullah Al Zahrani
Paris, Francia
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