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Carving icon of Mother of God. Valter Fon Eynik Valter Fon Eynik
God bless you!
Make Orthodox painting, carving and printing icons high quality for order. Prices depends of size, matherial and kind of icon. Painting icons - skill of old masters, egg tempera, gold. Those carving icon of Mother of God is selling - size is 11 ¼ X 15 ¾ inches, basswood, toning, wax. $2000.

Also make any kind of carving too - church and other types of goods (furniture, cabinets, shelves etc, antique and Greene&Greene styles too). My page There are no all things which you can to order. If you know what you want, but didn't find it - lust write or call me and we'll make your thing for your own style.
My cell 850-461-8921.

Have a bless day!
Carving icon of Mother of God
Objetos de Arte antiguos,  Objetos decorativos
Autor: Valter Fon Eynik
28.5 x  38 cm  /   11.2 x  15 in
Materias: Madera  /   Origenes: Arte antiguo  /  
Publicado: 3 de septiembre, 2012 / Modificado: 2 de mayo, 2013
Copyright Valter Fon Eynik

Carving icon of Mother of God
2.193 €  1.557 £  2.500 $ 
En venta
Valter Fon Eynik
Valter Fon Eynik
Fort Walton Beach, Estados Unidos
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