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«Animalistic» - (or my thoughts on Edvard Munch`s «Madonna»). Christine G. Adora Cg_Es
«A strong bare arm, a powerful tanned neck, Your face embodies all the beauty of the earthly world –
Your lips, crimson as a ripe fruit, half open as if to express pain, The smile of a corpse –
The pause when all the world comes to a stop.
Now death reaches out a hand to life, the chain that links thousands of past generations
To the thousands that are to come. » (Edvard Munch 1894)

This is what Munch wrote when painting «Madonna»
Which also means Loving woman.
He wanted to catch the moment forever, the way he felt his woman
While whispering words in her long hair, the moment they both died for a little while.
He wanted people to cherish the divine in earhtly love, he wanted them to take their hat off for those emotions, the same way they take it off in church.
And he wanted to express the link between love, life and death.
To him earthly love was the sacred above all sacred.

And so it is to me.
«Animalistic» - (or my thoughts on Edvard Munch`s «Madonna»)
Arte Contemporáneo,  Pinturas,  Acrílico
Autor: Christine G. Adora
70 x  4 x  50 cm  /   27.6 x  1.6 x  19.7 in
Peso 1 kg   /  2.2 lbs
Temas: Mujeres  /   Género: Realismo  /   Autenticidad: Directamente del Artista  /   Soportes: Sobre lienzo  /  
Publicado: 22 de septiembre, 2012 / Modificado: 22 de septiembre, 2012
Copyright Cg_Es

Marie D
Marie D , 14 de febrero
De toute beauté !
Françoise Miray
Françoise Miray , 7 de mayo
Beau talent ! Bravo. Françoise
Allynée , 5 de mayo
Magnifique !
Yj , 20 de diciembre
Very beautifull & savage, congratulations
Marcelo Martinez
Marcelo Martinez , 3 de diciembre
Fantastic ! Congratulations ! ! !
Miembro Premium Kim-Voun , 27 de noviembre
Une très belle oeuvre et une belle maîtrise du sensuel!
Miembro Premium Fk , 5 de septiembre
Très réussi, bravo! !
Marion Doxie Delaubell
Marion Doxie Delaubell , 12 de julio
So, so, so excellent! ! ! ! ! !
M. Pilar
M. Pilar , 10 de mayo
Muy hermosa! !
Miembro Premium Sybartiste , 23 de diciembre
Magnifique, très sensuelle, j'adore le style ! ! !
Luc Petitcollot
Luc Petitcollot , 6 de diciembre
Quelle sensualité, si bien rendue, j'adore!
«Animalistic» - (or my thoughts on Edvard Munch`s «Madonna»)
Precio no público
En venta
Artista Pintor 
Castillo De La Duquesa, Manilva, España
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