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Eye Opens. Martin Jaques Dragonz Art
A «close up» of a dragon's eye done approximately a4
It is supposed to show the various eyelids of the beast opening to reveal the eyeball itself.
As well being an artwork in it's own right, this picture also gave me a chance to add a lot of detail to the surrounding skin & scales.
I was very pleased with the result & enjoyed the fact that those friends who saw it all wanted to touch it. They wanted to see if it was really 3d & not just flat paper!
Eye Opens
Arte del siglo XX,  Dibujos,  Tinta
Autor: Martin Jaques
20 x  29.6 cm  /   7.9 x  11.7 in
Peso 0.45 kg   /  1 lbs
Temas: Fantástico  /   Origenes: Reino-Unido  /  
Publicado: 30 de septiembre, 2012 / Modificado: 30 de septiembre, 2012
Copyright Dragonz Art

Claude Fontaine Garreaud
Claude Fontaine Garreaud , 21 de agosto
Superbes effets graphiques!
Miembro Premium Dalhia , 26 de julio
Quel travail ! Remarquable !
Michel. Gouyet
Miembro Premium Michel. Gouyet , 19 de julio
Beau coup de crayon, bravo.
Miembro Premium Joper , 26 de Marzo
Sacrément beau, cet oeil d'un dragon bienveillant ! ! ! Bravo à vous ! ! !
Lyuba Sofronieva
Lyuba Sofronieva , 15 de noviembre
This is realy very very cool. Bravo! ! !
Greg Le Pic Coeur
Greg Le Pic Coeur , 17 de octubre
Eye Opens
35 €  25 £  40 $ 
En venta
Dragonz Art
Dragonz Art
Artista Diseñador 
Poole, Reino Unido
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