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Saddam. Gregory John Gregory John
I completed this sculpture of Saddam Hussein in 2003. After the first firing at 1100 degrees, on opening the kiln we were presented with a pile of smashed pottery and other ceramics that had been reduced to dust. As the dust cleared it became apparent that there was a survivor amongst this carnage. During first firing Saddam's head exploded and destroyed everything else in the kiln. For me as an artist it couldn't have worked out better, although others at the time were less enthusiastic, it was obviously meant to be. So I treated it with a magnesium dioxide (burnt umber-yellow ochre) finish and stoneware fired it at 1300 degrees to completion.
Arte Contemporáneo,  Esculturas,  Esculturas
Autor: Gregory John
22.9 x  30.5 cm  /   9 x  12 in
Peso 9 kg   /  19.84 lbs
Temas: Política  /  
Publicado: 11 de noviembre, 2012 / Modificado: 11 de noviembre, 2012
Copyright Gregory John

Gregory John
Miembro Premium Gregory John , 12 de diciembre
Sanna Annina
Sanna Annina , 31 de diciembre
Un superbe travaille, bravo ! ! ! Mai ce perssonage ne merite pas un ci bel hommage, amiti'annina.
M. Pilar
Miembro Premium M. Pilar , 11 de noviembre
Buena escultura!
Precio no público
Gregory John
Gregory John
Artista Pintor 
Milton Keynes, Reino Unido
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