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Pure Intuition. Gregory John Gregory John
In a way I feel that children, before they become self aware, are pure of mind, in the sense that the inevitable barriers such as'fear''narcissism''envy'etc, that darken our sense of others, have not yet corrupted that trusting, innocent young mind. Sometimes children look so spooked (that same inscrutable look that an animal possesses, as though they can see into your very soul), and then as if for no reason the child will become hysterical, almost as though they had just momentarily glimpsed the psychological horror that pervades human existence. Life is also wonderful! , And there is a degree of love in the world and the struggle between these opposing forces is tangible. Adults develop their immunity after years of psychological warfare (a necessary survival tool), but it seems as though our unawareness of the forces around us is, from time to time, completely laid bare, and exposed, if only for a moment, by the perception of a pure mind and spirit.
Pure Intuition
Arte Contemporáneo,  Dibujos,  Dibujos
Autor: Gregory John
Temas: Esoterismo  /  
Publicado: 18 de enero, 2013 / Modificado: 19 de enero, 2013
Copyright Gregory John

Pure Intuition
Precio no público
Gregory John
Gregory John
Artista Pintor 
Milton Keynes, Reino Unido
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