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Red Band, 5.36 P. M, c-print on alu dibond, editions of 10 signed by the artist. Henri Senders The Public House Of Art
In Awe
A thematic selection of photographs by Henri Senders

We live in an age of vision. Among our senses, sight has become the most stimulated of the five.
And yet, such overwhelming stimulation is gradually changing our perception to the point of making
Us question or reformulate what the act of seeing really is. Shocking, amusing, seducing images
Are projected before us every second through analogical and digital surfaces. !
Eyes move rapidly and narrowly around the small surface of a screen, guided by our fingers in
What becomes an almost tactile vision. What we see is often framed, distorted, or filtered by
Artificial constructs. !
The more we see, the more it becomes difficult to to be surprised, and seldom if ever are we
Moved or frightened by the sight of natural or manmade wonders.

Today we try to explore how this feeling can be evoked by art, through different media. We ask our
Artists to close their eyes, wait, and then open them wide again to awaken a sense dulled by the
Excesses of image consumption. We ask our audience to behold and witness for themselves if this
Dormant, ancestral emotion is still present and alive.

Limited edition of 10 prints, signed by the artist
C-print on alu dibond with aluminium hanging frame
Red Band, 5.36 P. M, c-print on alu dibond, editions of 10 signed by the artist
Arte Contemporáneo,  Fotos,  Impresiones digitales
Autor: Henri Senders
20 x  30 cm  /   7.9 x  11.8 in
Temas: Mujeres  /   Origenes: Europa  /   Autenticidad: Positivado firmado  /   Tipos de artistas: Artistas de galerías  /   Color Foto: Blanco y negro  /   Periodo: Contemporáneo  /   Número de piezas: 1
Publicado: 2 de febrero, 2015 / Modificado: 22 de noviembre, 2015
Copyright The Public House Of Art

Sylke Pollack
Miembro Premium Sylke Pollack , 29 de noviembre
Miembro Premium Pat , 3 de febrero
Original, J'aime beaucoup.
Dany Wattier
Miembro Premium Dany Wattier , 2 de febrero
Red Band, 5.36 P. M, c-print on alu dibond, editions of 10 signed by the artist
Precio no público
Por encargo
The Public House Of Art
The Public House Of Art
Marchantes de Arte Moderno & Contemporaneo 
Amsterdam, Holanda
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