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Andre minaux, signed 1960's ltd. Ed. Litho. 46/120 Highly collectible. El Stone Artsalon1220
Andre Minaux (1923-1986)

Andre Minaux, born in Paris on 5 September 1923 and died in Touquin on 4 October 1986. Minaux was a painter, illustrator, sculptor, and engraver, and according to Pierre Bassette, one of “The Rebels of Modern Art. »

1960'S hand signed lithograph from the «marine» collection
Highly collectible piece
Size: 20 1/2» X 29 1/2»
Image size: 17» X 25»

In 1960, Minaux reinvented a different interpretation of shapes, a more accomplished search for simplification of volumes and colours. The bone-like shapes of abandoned ships, seen during a trip in Concarneau serve as a support for this artistic evolution. André Minaux paints with stranded boats on the Britannic shoreline as a theme. The painter uses black, dark blue, umber, grey-greens and composes extremely denuded paintings.

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«When one has practiced for a long time, one can foresee that a grey or a blue will give an intermediary value which will make a red, a green or a yellow sing” - Andre Minaux
Andre minaux, signed 1960's ltd. Ed. Litho. 46/120 Highly collectible
Arte del siglo XX,  Estampaciones,,  Litografías
Autor: El Stone
43.2 x  63.5 cm  /   17 x  25 in
Temas: Paisaje del mar, Barco  /   Origenes: Francia  /   Género: Simbolismo  /   Características: Firmado  /   Autenticidad: Positivado firmado  /   Periodo: Moderno 1945 - 1970  /  
Publicado: 2 de abril, 2015 / Modificado: 7 de abril, 2017
Copyright Artsalon1220

Andre minaux, signed 1960's ltd. Ed. Litho. 46/120 Highly collectible
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Lansdale, Estados Unidos
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