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«Night. Barcelona». Dmitry Savchenko Dmitry Savchenko
Limited edition 4/100
Artwork from the series » Barcelona »
A natural photo made with the special photography technique. Not Photoshop, not collage and etc.
Created with natural light from the night lanterns and lamps + flash lighting.
The year since creation - 2015. The Gothic Quarter. Barcelona
Limited edition 4/100, printed on canvas, numbered and hand signed by artist with a certificate of authenticity.
Hand signed by author (Oil, tiniest brush) on the front and hand signed by author on the back.
Exact size: 15.7 w X 23.6 h X 0.8 in (40cm × 60cm)
Ready-to-hang Canvas Print, wrapped around wood stretcher bars.
Important !
Author's (Dmitry Savchenko) rules and opinion about limited edition prints produced at different sizes :
Author (Dmitry Savchenko) would like to be honest with art galleries, collectors, art dealers, followers, and make it clear, limited edition means total number of prints, regardless of size, no matter the size, if it's a limited edition, it's limited.
«Night. Barcelona»
Arte del siglo XX,  Fotos,  Fotograbados
Autor: Dmitry Savchenko
40 x  60 cm  /   15.7 x  23.6 in
Temas: Erótico  /   Origenes: Europa  /   Color Foto: Color  /   Periodo: Contemporáneo  /  
Publicado: 16 de julio, 2017 / Modificado: 16 de julio, 2017
Copyright Dmitry Savchenko

Dmitry Savchenko
Dmitry Savchenko , 16 de julio
Thank you so much Marcelo.
Marcelo Raul Vascon
Marcelo Raul Vascon , 16 de julio
Excellent… ¡¡¡
«Night. Barcelona»
750 €  533 £  855 $ 
En venta
Dmitry Savchenko
Dmitry Savchenko
Artista Fotógrafo 
Los Angeles, Estados Unidos
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