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Shibuya Pedestrian Scramble. Kohki Hiramatsu Kohki Hiramatsu
This is a piece for an exhibition held in the restaurant at Shibuya. Shibuya is one of the notable sightseeing spots in Tokyo and pedestrian scramble at there is the most famous cross-walk in Japan. It covered with over a million people and innumerable shops are open on the street until late. Upon the sky, there are uncountable advertisements and illumination of neons. Because of such a dazzling atmosphere, it does not match my theme of the works. Hence, how to pick up the composition was asked. The view from the station was too ordinal. So, I decided to walk down until cross-walk beside the cars from the top of Dogenzaka. I portrayed the Shibuya from a different perspective. I tried not to emphasize the pedestrian scramble by depicting them from the side and avoid delineating the whole image of the landmark. In this piece, I used spattering as a new technique for drawing the trees and the wall of Shibuya Hikarie.
Shibuya Pedestrian Scramble
Arte Contemporáneo,  Dibujos,  Dibujos
Autor: Kohki Hiramatsu
51.5 x  36.4 cm  /   20.3 x  14.3 in
Temas: Ciudad, Barillo, Calle  /   Género: Illustration  /   Características: Enmarcado  /   Autenticidad: Original  /   Tipos de artistas: Artistas de ocio  /   Periodo: Contemporáneo  /  
Publicado: 23 de noviembre, 2018 / Modificado: 14 de enero, 2019
Copyright Kohki Hiramatsu

Shibuya Pedestrian Scramble
614 €  436 £  700 $ 
Por pedido
Kohki Hiramatsu
Kohki Hiramatsu
Artista Pintor 
Tokyo, Japón
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