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Papaveri. Luigi De Giovanni

Luigi De Giovanni born on 12 February 1950 in Specchia (Lecce).

He graduated to the Institute of Art of Poggiardo in the 1969.

In the 1974 he graduated to the Academy of the Fine Arts from Rome. From the 1970 to the 1978 he follows the Free Course of the Nude.

From tender age he paints designs and acquerelli followed from the mother. In the 1967 he paints frequently and he does the his before collective show. In the 1973 with the Avanessian teacher he begins the study of the “imprimitura” of the cloths and of the powders. In the 1974 he improve in the technique to oil. In the 1980 experiment the temper to the egg; he realize some operas with an only thread conductor «social climbs. » In the 1988 he experiment coed techniques with the custom of materials of discard symbol of «refusal» which: segatura, metallic shavings, shiver of unserviceable rubber, paper and cloths.

He begins the report with the Gallery «Mentana» from Florence that presents him to the Fair Arc from Madrid. In the 1990 he starts to realize and to expose operas that have like conductor thread «the anguish in the actual society»; he starts to use the old jeans like cloths for his operas to social character. From the 1979 he paints Sardinia where he spends long periods.


The painter’s poetical world is the symbol of a fertile song, but also a stage of happy presences, though human beings are absent. Luigi De Giovanni searches faith, a spiritual meaning. He’s an artist who feels a desire to regard canvases as pages of an endless diary, because nature’s particular and messages have no end. He feels the necessity to bring to ligth all the answers to man’s existential anxietis. In De Giovanni’s compositions the trees are the archetype that transforms itself into poetic imagination, exalted in forms referable to reality, Luigi De Giovanni choose very few themes to communicate his enlightements that reveal their meaning like intimate exclamations. His post – impressionist intimism lives through the necessity to catch on to the absolute and observes the static nature of landscapes, as something definite and everlasting.

Paolo Levi
Arte Contemporáneo,  Pinturas,  Oleo
Autor: Luigi De Giovanni
Temas: Naturaleza  /   Origenes: Italia  /   Género: Impresionismo  /  
Publicado: 17 de diciembre, 2018 / Modificado: 17 de diciembre, 2018

Precio no público
Artista Pintor 
Specchia Lecce, Italia
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