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The angel. Steve Meyerholz Steve Meyerholz
The Angel is a painting that a customer had ordered in 2015 but never came to pick up, so I added it to my collection. The painting is of a woman with light blue angel wings, a red 2-piece outfit, red lipstick, short brunette hair and real light blue eyes. Her top is extremely short, only covering half of her breasts. She is sitting down with her legs underneath her and she has both of her hands placed on her chest right above her heart. The Angel is on a 16”x20”x0.875” stretched canvas and was painted with high quality acrylic paint (liquitex, golden & basics). The Angel is the first painting that I have ever done

I have worked extremely hard to become the artist I am today, so my work means everything to me. Therefore I package all of my art with care. First, I choose a box that the painting fits tightly in and set it aside. Then I wrap the painting in a protective skin of plastic, add cardboard padding (a thicker, stiffer layer of protective cardboard), and wrap it with bubble wrap. I take the wrapped painting and put it into the box, filling it as completely as possible. Then I tape the box closed, put “fragile, handle with care” labels on all sides, put a new package of hanging hardware in an envelope and tape it to the box.

Return policy:
You have 3 days from the day it is delivered to the address listed to contact me via email at or by phone at (602)465-1695 to arrange returning the item.

**Hanging hardware includes: 10 Picture Hooks, 2 Sawtooth Hangers, 17 Nails, 1 Picture Wire and 20 Screw Eyes.
The angel
Arte Contemporáneo,  Pinturas,  Acrílico
Autor: Steve Meyerholz
40.6 x  2 x  50.8 cm  /   16 x  0.8 x  20 in
Temas: Mujeres  /   Origenes: Artes de América del Norte  /   Género: Arte Pop  /   Características: Firmado  /   Autenticidad: Directamente del Artista  /   Tipos de artistas: Artistas de ocio  /   Soportes: Sobre lienzo  /   Corriente de Arte: Pintura Inglesa  /   Periodo: Moderno 1945 - 1970  /  
Publicado: 21 de julio, 2019 / Modificado: 21 de julio, 2019
Copyright Steve Meyerholz

The angel
175 €  125 £  200 $ 
En venta
Steve Meyerholz
Steve Meyerholz
Artista Pintor 
Glendale, Estados Unidos
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