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Thank god it's no gold!. Tony Iconic Tony Iconic
Created & designed by Tony Iconic. Unique Fine Art with diamond glass

Funny how times change. In the past, you would always bring your assets to the bank or lock your savings in safes. Today things are different. Anyone who has ever had crypto currencies worth over 1 million dollars on a ledger stick knows what I'm talking about. That's a hell of a feeling.

But this artwork symbolizes the new way of storing value. Enough of big safe rooms or secret hiding places. Besides, it's much more pleasant to jump into a Bitcoin pool than into a money bin;)

Because we are talking about value, this work of art is of the highest quality. All pieces are finished on the front with white diamond glass and on the back with an aluminium plate. All pictures come ready to hang up to its new owners.

Thank God it's no Gold will surely bring you a lot of joy every day and remind you that it is never wrong to have parts of your fortune comfortably on a stick and be the only one able to access it.
Thank god it's no gold!
Arte del siglo XX,  Artes digitales,  Impresiones digitales
Autor: Tony Iconic
60 x  60 x  60 cm  /   23.6 x  23.6 x  23.6 in
Diámetro 85 cm  /   33.5 in
Peso 5.3 kg   /  11.68 lbs
Temas: Libros, Tobeos  /   Origenes: Arte Europa  /   Autenticidad: Directamente del Artista  /   Periodo: Contemporáneo  /   Número de piezas: Más de 10
Publicado: 15 de octubre, 2019 / Modificado: 17 de octubre, 2019
Copyright Tony Iconic

Thank god it's no gold!
1.169 €  830 £  1.333 $ 
En venta
Tony Iconic
Tony Iconic
Artista Digitales 
München, Alemania
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