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Landscape #6. Hana Denysenko Hanna Denysenko
This work is from a series of minimalistic landscapes, made in my author's style. Everything that surrounds us has simple forms. Taking the real landscape as a basis, I decompose it into components of lines, squares or rectangles, figures of indefinite shape and connect them together. Work with color happens in the same way. I simplify the color rendition of nature that surrounds us and making the viewer to pay attention to the basis. Sometimes I fit into my minimalist landscapes completely non-natural figures both in color and in shape, and this in my opinion gives interesting new and unexpected connections.
Landscape #6
Arte del siglo XX,  Pinturas,  Oleo
Autor: Hana Denysenko
1 x  70 x  50 cm  /   0.4 x  27.6 x  19.7 in
Temas: Paisaje  /  
Publicado: 14 de enero, 2020 / Modificado: 14 de enero, 2020
Copyright Hanna Denysenko

Landscape #6
300 €  213 £  342 $ 
En venta
Hanna Denysenko
Hanna Denysenko
Lisbon, Portugal
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