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Despire «wall art». Bekmade Bekmade
I do not remember what day it was, what month it was, but I remember clearly that during the creation of this work, the state of my inner world was very empty. I was saved only by the creation of something.
From this something came this work, which I am proud of. It absorbs like a sponge all the spiritual experiences.
This work was and remains only in a single copy.
Before sending, I will leave my initials on the back.
I hope this picture will help the future owner as well as me.
Despire «wall art»
Arte Contemporáneo,  Otros,  Frescos murales
Autor: Bekmade
40 x  76 cm  /   15.7 x  29.9 in
Peso 15 kg   /  33.07 lbs
Temas: Abstracto  /   Origenes: Europa  /   Autenticidad: Directamente del Artista  /   Tipos de artistas: Artistas de ocio  /   Periodo: Contemporáneo  /  
Publicado: 7 de febrero, 2020 / Modificado: 13 de mayo, 2020
Copyright Bekmade

Despire «wall art»
1.754 €  1.246 £  2.000 $ 
Artista Escultor 
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