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Joan Collins by Naydene Gonnelle. Naydene Gonnella Art At The Ridge (Antigua & Barbuda)
Art At The Ridge is an award-winning art gallery based in Antigua & Barbuda in the Caribbean (2011-2015). Art At The Ridge supports and promotes local artists. All operations are now online.

Our current online art exhibition features artist Naydene Gonnella:

“I create my pieces in a process that involves layering, collaging, glazing and painting elements together. I then “destroy” certain parts of the image by stripping away some of the layers to reveal the contradicting techniques. I work with a blend of beeswax and oil paint, known as encaustic, which gives a beautiful texture and depth of color to my work. ”

Naydene’s current paintings draw the viewer in with an unnerving attraction. She captures her subjects with an agitated sensitivity that exposes her command of the medium, unique color sense and expressive quality. Naydene has had many solo and group exhibitions and her work has won numerous awards. She lives on the island of Antigua in the Caribbean.
Joan Collins by Naydene Gonnelle
Arte del siglo XX,  Pinturas,  Composición mixta
Autor: Naydene Gonnella
45.7 x  61 cm  /   18 x  24 in
Peso 1 kg   /  2.2 lbs
Temas: Cine, TV  /   Origenes: Artes de América Latina  /   Género: Expresionismo  /   Características: Firmado  /   Autenticidad: Original  /   Soportes: Sobre lienzo  /   Periodo: Contemporáneo  /  
Publicado: 22 de agosto, 2020 / Modificado: 8 de noviembre, 2020
Copyright Art At The Ridge (Antigua & Barbuda)

Marisol Usandegi
Miembro Premium Marisol Usandegi , 25 de febrero
Preciosa realizacion Magnífico.
Alexandre Milesi
Miembro Premium Alexandre Milesi , 8 de mayo
Excellent travail, des superbes couleurs magnifiques
Claude Valery
Miembro Premium Claude Valery , 4 de enero
Excellent travail application et couleurs parfaite, je vous félicite, Claude Valéry peintre ‍ sculpteur et chroniqueur d’art, Amicalement. Bonne année productive
Joan Collins by Naydene Gonnelle
3.310 €  2.350 £  3.773 $ 
En venta
Art At The Ridge (Antigua & Barbuda)
Art At The Ridge (Antigua & Barbuda)
London, Reino Unido
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