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Palm Springs Hotel Pool. Joseph Ayerle Joseph Ayerle
«Palm Springs Hotel Pool». Cycle: «Lost Picture cd of Slim Aarons»
- Total dimensions: 90x60 cm
- Giclée-print by Hahnemühle®-certified-studio
- Hahnemühle® Baryta 325g/m² - thick paper, no alu-mounting required
- Signed and numbered front-side/ signed, numbered and stamped en verso +hologram
- Condition: mint condition
- 8-Pages-certificate
- Protected by a 100x70cm wooden-box

«2006, Two years before the Lehman collapse:… A sunny evening at a swimming pool in the desert town of Palm Springs: Martha Stewart, us celebrity, enjoys the shadow and a refreshing drink. The perfect pool mood is charged by the crying silence of a giant Godzilla cinema poster…
The wonderful pictures of the cycle… Seem both erotic and earnest, comic and depressed. Ayerle is developing a distinctive Pop-Surrealist-style, with a sense of the absurd, as well as respect to the oevre of Slim Aarons… »
Palm Springs Hotel Pool
Arte Contemporáneo,  Fotos,  Impresiones digitales
Autor: Joseph Ayerle
75 x  50 cm  /   29.5 x  19.7 in
Peso 1 kg   /  2.2 lbs
Temas: Política  /   Autenticidad: Directamente del Artista  /   Periodo: Contemporáneo  /  
Publicado: 25 de noviembre, 2021 / Modificado: 25 de noviembre, 2021
Copyright Joseph Ayerle

Palm Springs Hotel Pool
1.200 €  852 £  1.368 $ 
Por pedido
Joseph Ayerle
Joseph Ayerle
Artista Digitales 
Toulouse, Francia
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