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Delicate Balance by Barrie Dale. Barrie Dale Biafarin
Biafarin Artwork Code: aw127471420

This is a high-magnification photograph of the Orchid'Phalaenopsis', taken in natural light, without manipulation. It is presented as a Framed, Single-Edition Giclée Print.
At high magnifications subject matter becomes unrecognisable. The images are abstract and arbitrary. Those captured are ones with immediate, instinctive appeal. The aim is to eliminate rational thought, prejudice, habit and custom. I work hand-held to give freedom of expression. This seems to be a way of
Selecting images that are metaphorical - those that express ideas.
In this case the metaphor is'Delicate Balance'. This image represents the fact that many of life's constructions are both elegant and fragile at the same time.
Delicate Balance by Barrie Dale
Arte del siglo XX,  Fotos,  Impresiones digitales
Autor: Barrie Dale
50 x  75 cm  /   19.7 x  29.5 in
Temas: Abstracto  /  
Publicado: 1 de Marzo, 2022 / Modificado: 1 de Marzo, 2022
Copyright Biafarin

Delicate Balance by Barrie Dale
4.386 €  3.114 £  5.000 $ 
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