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The desperate boy of feudal society (2020). Andrew Kelly Andrew Kelly
Artwork: “the desperate boy of feudal society (2020)”
Size: 50cm X 70cm X 1cm
Framed and author's signature on the back
- This is the second painting in the collection of «People Of Feudal Society» that I painted by myself and completed in 2020. The picture depicts a guy addicted to drugs, so his body is thin and thin feebleness. His ribs and shoulders are clearly visible and pitiful and I have skillfully blurred the area of ​​​the boy's portrait to show not only him but also many other lives in the same desperate situation and react. Reflect the reality of people being pushed and condemns the oppression of the feudal society.
- The painting is painted by me with oil colors and detailed outlines in pencil with the main colors being classic dark colors such as: black, gray, white, and light red. I have skillfully mixed the colors to create harmony, but properly show the nature of a sad and lonely picture.
- Contact author:
Artist: Andrew Kelly
© 2020 Andrew Kelly Official All rights served.
The desperate boy of feudal society (2020)
Arte Contemporáneo,  Pinturas,  Oleo
Autor: Andrew Kelly
1 x  70 x  50 cm  /   0.4 x  27.6 x  19.7 in
Peso 0.7 kg   /  1.54 lbs
Temas: Historia  /  
Publicado: 13 de mayo, 2022 / Modificado: 13 de mayo, 2022
Copyright Andrew Kelly

Miembro Premium Jermoline , 17 de mayo
Fantastique ! Et poignant…
The desperate boy of feudal society (2020)
1.200 €  852 £  1.368 $ 
En venta
Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly
Artista Pintor 
Estados Unidos
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