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The magic of nature. Shima Sadeghpour Zharfhonar
The more I thought about the essence of nature, the more I was amazed and surprised by the creativity of the creator
The magic of nature
Arte Contemporáneo,  Pinturas,  Acrílico
Autor: Shima Sadeghpour
25 x  35 cm  /   9.8 x  13.8 in
Temas: Naturaleza  /   Periodo: Contemporáneo  /  
Publicado: 7 de noviembre, 2023 / Modificado: 7 de noviembre, 2023
Copyright Zharfhonar

Rose Red
Rose Red , 22 de noviembre
I wish I was inside this painting
Rose Red
Rose Red , 22 de noviembre
This painting is stunning
Ariel Michelson
Ariel Michelson , 18 de noviembre
Wonderful ⚘️⚘️⚘️
Ariel Michelson
Ariel Michelson , 18 de noviembre
Adam Daughtry
Adam Daughtry , 14 de noviembre
Wow, this painting is truly mesmerizing! The artist has skillfully captured the essence of the night and the serenity of the river. The play of moonlight on the water creates a magical atmosphere, and the reflections are so beautifully detailed. The choice of colors, especially the deep whites and soft silhouettes, adds a sense of tranquility and mystery to the scene. The artist's attention to detail and the delicate brushstrokes make this painting a captivating masterpiece that transports the viewer to a peaceful, otherworldly place. Bravo to the talented artist for evoking such a sense of wonder and beauty in this stunning nocturnal masterpiece!
Michael , 11 de noviembre
Edward Slt
Edward Slt , 7 de noviembre
Very dreamy and unique painting
Edward Slt
Edward Slt , 7 de noviembre
What an incredible and beautiful sky
The magic of nature
200 €  142 £  228 $ 
En venta
Tehran, Irán
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