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Wandering Giant.  Isaac Opoku Badu
In'Wandering Giant', Isaac Opoku Badu offers more than just a portrait, he presents an intimate voyage into the soul of an African elephant. This rendering delves beneath the majestic, powerful exterior to chart the life's journey of these gentle giants, making each wrinkle and curve with a story of survival and strength. Set against the backdrop of their endangered habitats, this piece not only captures the elements physical allure but also serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for wildlife conservation and the fragile beauty that exist within our world's most powerful mammals.

The work is singed on the front, dated and side painted white.
This work is unframed and it will be shipped to you rolled on secure tube.
Wandering Giant
Arte Contemporáneo,  Pinturas,  Acrílico
61 x  76.2 cm  /   24 x  30 in
Peso 0.16 kg   /  0.35 lbs
Temas: Animales Salvajes  /   Origenes: Artes de África  /   Género: Realismo  /   Características: Firmado  /   Autenticidad: Original  /   Tipos de artistas: Artistas profesionales  /   Soportes: Sobre lienzo  /   Corriente de Arte: Pintura Inglesa  /   Periodo: Contemporáneo  /  
Publicado: 2 de abril, 2024 / Modificado: 2 de abril, 2024
Copyright Isaac Opoku Badu

Marisol Usandegi
Miembro Premium Marisol Usandegi , 3 de abril
Una preciosidad Fantástico.
Wandering Giant
877 €  623 £  1.000 $ 
En venta
Isaac Opoku Badu
Isaac Opoku Badu
Artista Pintor 
Kumasi, Ghana
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