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In the Quiet of the Pines: a Snowy Forest in the Yukon. Diego Ben Karlsson Diego Ben Karlsson
As an artist, my inspiration for this piece stemmed from the ethereal beauty of the Yukon wilderness during winter. The vast expanse of snow-covered forests, blanketed under a veil of mist and frost, captured my imagination. I aimed to convey the serene yet majestic atmosphere of this scene, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in its tranquility and grandeur. I chose to work with acrylic paints on canvas to capture the crispness of the snow and the subtle nuances of light filtering through the mist. The medium allowed me to layer colors and textures, creating depth and dimensionality. My hope is that viewers will feel a sense of awe and wonderment, as if they've stumbled upon a hidden sanctuary in the heart of the Yukon wilderness. By choosing this subject matter and style, I sought to evoke a sense of connection to nature and inspire contemplation of its beauty and resilience.

All artworks are meticulously crafted using museum-quality materials to ensure the highest standard of presentation and longevity. Printed on 100% cotton archival paper of the finest quality, specifically Hahnemühle Fine Art paper, each piece undergoes the giclée printing process, renowned for its exceptional color accuracy and detail reproduction. To further enhance both the aesthetic and preservation of the artwork, a museum-grade varnish is delicately applied, guaranteeing long-term protection without compromising the integrity of the print. This meticulous attention to detail in material selection and printing technique underscores my commitment to delivering artworks of unparalleled quality and enduring beauty.
In the Quiet of the Pines: a Snowy Forest in the Yukon
Arte Contemporáneo,  Artes digitales,  Arte digital
Autor: Diego Ben Karlsson
43.2 x  61 cm  /   17 x  24 in
Diámetro 2.5 cm  /   1 in
Peso 1.81 kg   /  4 lbs
Periodo: Contemporáneo  /  
Publicado: 14 de mayo, 2024 / Modificado: 15 de mayo, 2024
Copyright Diego Ben Karlsson

Marisol Usandegi
Miembro Premium Marisol Usandegi , 15 de mayo
Fantástica realizacion precioso.
In the Quiet of the Pines: a Snowy Forest in the Yukon
382 €  271 £  435 $ 
Por encargo
Diego Ben Karlsson
Diego Ben Karlsson
Artista Pintor 
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