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The sun or the moon?

Nemesis-007 Publicado: 1 de diciembre, 2012 / Modificado: 11 de febrero, 2021
The sun or the moon?
When I was a child, I admired nature fertilized by the sun and in my dreams I saw the moon. I looked forward to the coming of spring, the burst of flowers, the first cherries. I felt the strength and harmony invade my body with the desire to live and love.

The passion for technology and my taste for pure beauty, led me to create Mantaraya. It is a machine hyper-symbolic made to explore the underwater world.

Forms are inspired by the tao. Between the Yin and the Yang, I chose the sun, the strength of technology, performance and light. In an Apollonian vision of the world, I put a lot of technology and a little art.

One day I met a magical girl, a daughter of the moon with a green snake around his neck.

One evening, we celebrated Halloween, we raved to pump beer. She was rigid and formless. We imagined, laughing, a woman distributing beer with her breasts.

The desire to create took me the body and mind: I began to mold that girl, naked on my couch, with plaster strips recovered in the hospital.

After a long work of bonding, coating and sanding, was born «venus desire», a generous sculpture which distributes beer. Many of Art and a little technical, for the enjoyment of life.

Seeing trees that rose towards the sun, the moon-girl told me: «giddiness of gods»! ! ! … They are so attracted by the beauty of the earth that in their fall, they lose their divine vision, they are like angels trapped in the matrix…

We went to the antipodes, in Tahiti, where the sun sinks into the depths of the ocean, emitting a beam emerald green: the third eye of Lucifer.

The daughter of the moon in a dream saw angel wings grow on his shoulders.

She also saw Dionysus invade the world in the third night of the full moon.
Everyone dancing and partying, singing loudly:

I am an angel, I am an angel.
I want to live and have fun, The work makes me sick, just when it comes to my mind…

Angel or Demon?

In the game of love and chance, we went to war.

The Sun or the Moon? Art or Technique? Apollo or Dionysus?

Which of the two projects will win: mantaraya or venus?

You must choose, the future of our world depends of your mind.
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Más información:
Miembro Premium Nemesis-007, 8 de diciembre
Si on considère notre terre-mère comme un être vivant, on peut faire corps avec elle. Sa pensée est magique en opposition avec notre mondialisation hyper-cartésienne.
Je préfère la vision du monde des philosophes de la Non-dualité : Paul diel, André virel etc…
Il ne faut pas te méfier de la bière, tu peux tomber sur un sculpteur qui mettra en valeur ton corps! !
Mon père paysan, m'a toujours conseillé de faire des études pour travailler moins que lui.
J'aime bien ta vision des Amazones. Bizzzzz
Le Léopard Et Ses Taches
Le Léopard Et Ses Taches, 6 de diciembre
De nos choix ne dépend que le futur de notre propre monde intérieur. Notre planète elle s'en fout pas mal! On s'y débat comme on peut!
Pour le coup, je regarderai, à l'avenir, ma pression avec une certaine méfiance.
Amitiés et félicitations pour votre «travail». (Le mot semble vous effrayer)

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