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The Passion of my life

Gabriel Baptiste Publicado: 2 de abril, 2016 / Modificado: 3 de abril, 2016
The Passion of my life
I was born in 1949.
As far I am able to remember, I was very happy when the sun was shinning, and I was anxious, as sunset was approaching. The Night frightened me. I often passed the whole Night waiting for the Sun. Waiting for the Day and his light.
At this time, drawing reassured me, and made me feel better. It was not easy to find white sheet: the paper was really rare.
The first time I saw a photograph of a painting of Van Gogh, I felt some thing moving inside of me. Maybe I was height or nine, but it was the Beginning… Her after, I knew the most important thing for me would be painting, and generally Art, till the end of my life.
When I realize a picture, first I have an image in my mind. Then I move towards It. Most of the time, I am satisfied of my work, and I feel I am close to something Great. I think it is the way for me to believe in God.
The road towards God, I find it in my favorite subjects: The Sea, The Night, The Red (of flamtrees), Carnival, Femininity…
By using permanently, lines and curves in relief, I only try to move towards the soul of each of us.
At the end, I deeply believe that Art oblige us to give our best. Art means Love. And if there is something able to save the World, it is Love…

Gabriel Baptiste
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