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*The Click*

Mac Publicado: 12 de enero, 2018 / Modificado: 15 de enero, 2018
*The Click*
The Click

It was a mechanical «click». The mirror went up and let in the supreme instant: the photo. A hard sound, quisling when in the Palacio de Bellas Artes of Mexico City, from one side of the aisle had to achieve the photo, that of the expression in pause of the beautiful cellist or the one of the hands of the ballet dancer, then, that «cleack» of the Nikon f4, distracted, irritated, but until I did not feel I had it, there was no rest. Worst was the sound of the Hasselblad, that «cloaaaack» harder, tremendous, but it was the Hasse and imposed respect. I remember the afternoon when John Cage interrupted his introduction in a hall of the U. N. A. M. When from the hallway, I was shooting him with a series of «cloooack» with the Hasselblad 500c (Tri-X film). He stopped talking and with the microphone in his hand looked at me and said: It is not enough, Sir? I had to stop. That night I found it in the only hippie community in the D. F. On the outskirts of Coyoacán, ran by a friend of my, was the year 1976. Today, that «cleack» has been transformed into a spatial sound. Almost a micro buzz, similar to a short circuit, something to do with “energy”.

And the addiction has been recovered.

With different sound.

With aching knees, the tired shoulder but the attentive eye more refined than ever, as in the old time. And I'm glad, of course. A new path through this journey, limited by the years but with the enthusiasm full.

The best is yet to come (says a lady-friend)

I believe her.

Hug of heaven and fullness.


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