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World art dubai Publicado: 15 de septiembre, 2018 / Modificado: 15 de septiembre, 2018
World art dubai
Art season in Dubai is well and truly underway and the arrival of World Art Dubai is making culture in the city more accessible than ever.

The fair at Dubai World Trade Centre (dwtc) is a curation of more than 4.000 inspirational artworks from over 300 artists and galleries from five continents – and the pieces are off the charts.

The fourth season of the fair kicks off on Wednesday April 18 and will run until Saturday April 21 with the largest collection to date, featuring more local, regional and international artists than ever and showcasing phenomenal talent from around the world.

Sumitava maity
Stand: d73
Sumitava Maity
Sumitava Maity born in 1980, qualified Master in Visual Arts with 1st Class 1st from Govt. College of Art & Craft, Kolkata. Achieved numerous prestigious Award & Scholarship including Gold Medal for best exhibit at Academy of Fine arts, Awarded for best exhibit world peace congress, State Charukala parshad Award, Atul Bose Award, Ajay Bankim Gosh Memorial Scholarship and many more.

Beside practicing art since more than ten years also held major Solo and Group Exhibitions in various country including ‘Outs of India’. Opus Art Gallery, uk, ‘Present is Now’ curated by Peter Nagy, Emerging Artist Award, World Art Dubai, Now and Tomorrow, Bangalore and many more.

In his own words: “i devote my life into my art works and new ideas which help to understand the value of natural surroundings, the soft and true relation between two living creatures. I always capture the value of someone’s thought which affects other thought process in positive direction. And also, I try to find the negative space of human activities which are affecting the balance of natural world. I am constantly trying to discover the reason which has led to the increased distance between human and nature. And I think this increased distance is the primary reason for human psychological and mental isolation with nature”.
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