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Me And Art.

Ann-Evelyn Hansen Publicado: 11 de Marzo, 2020 / Modificado: 11 de Marzo, 2020
Me And Art.
I am going to tell you what I feel about my work, my passion. About art in general:
I am primarily an interior designer, specialized in high end homes. I also design jevelry and Louis XV chandeliers. My great and latest passion is for drawing. I am a beginner and self-tought drawer. My style it's a combination of gragraphic representation of a moment of my life, a feelimg, an idea, or a message to the world accompanied by a story, poem, that reflect my life, feelings, ideas. These two work of art fussed together will give more power to my message.
Each creation of mine bears the footprint of my heart and soul feeling.
I do not work to sell.
I work with passion to be able to breath. It gives me passionate life, power, satisfaction.
It gives me the withdom to realise:
Life is most important and worth to be lived no matter what.
Also gives me the ability to see: What a wonderful world is out, there.
There has been said and debated so much about art. My version is simple:
Me And Art.
The cradle of art is inside us, while art is everywhere around us. We breath art, we are a piece of art. We create art. The best language to communicate around the world is art. The Universe is a too little known piece of art.
Just look for it, it's everywhere, You'll find it, somehow, somewhere.
Rich the sky and touch a star
You'll feel it's art so far.
Touch a heart and feel it's beat, Release your heart to talk to it.
The feeling felt by your heart, It's a marvel piece of art!
Ann-Evelyn Hansen
Miembro Premium Ann-Evelyn Hansen, 11 de Marzo
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