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Fantasy painting course, 6 days

Mariana Oros Publicado: 20 de septiembre, 2020 / Modificado: 20 de septiembre, 2020
19 de octubre, 2020 > 23 de noviembre, 2020 Lugar
Fantasy painting course, 6 days
Fantasy painting course 6 days
It starts in October, Adress Kronenstraße 5.76275 Ettlingen
- Monday, 1 day / week
- 2 Hours / day
- Starts at 10.00 or 15:30 or 18:00
-Price 90 euros

This course is taught
- Experimenting with acrylic techniques
- Development of imagination that is unique and personalized
- Freedom of thought and expression
- Tricks in painting
- Fantasy theme

List of required materials
-1 Canvas on wooden chassis maximum 50x70cm
Paints and other necessary materials are included. Optionally, you can buy canvas on a wooden chassis in the workshop.

Small group 2.4 or 6 participants.
Please bring a face mask and regular clothing that may become dirty.

For questions or registration you can contact me by email at
Can't find the right program for you? No problem, we will find solutions for everyone.
The painting course is repeated throughout the year and is taught in English.

This course is open to anyone who wants to participate in this creative journey, for connoisseurs or beginners, for teenagers or adults.
This course is perfect for fun through art or to develop your skills.
Kronenstrasse 5
76275 Ettlingen - Alemania

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