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Boost your art sales in 2020

Biafarin Publicado: 27 de octubre, 2020 / Modificado: 27 de octubre, 2020
Boost your art sales in 2020
Hello; I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.

This is Sharon from Biafarin Inc. , The Canadian artist management company. I am writing to introduce Sell @ 100 Galleries, the annual art sales festival in 2020. This global art sales program showcases artists from 70+ countries in up to 100 online gallery links worldwide.

The online art sales market has grown to us$ 4.82 billion in 2019, and all statistics show a significant increase in online art sales for 2020. So, in partnership with Art Sales Network, we invite you to participate in this unique opportunity to increase the chances of selling your artworks by reaching more potential art buyers.

Learn more about Sell @ 100 Galleries online art sales festival via the below link:

To benefit from online sales, it has always been important to choose the best fit online shops, monitor the reports, and adjust sales strategies in various regions. To address this necessity, Sell @ 100 Galleries has been designed as a practical program to distribute artworks inside the world-class online shops and provide valuable insights, at a very reasonable budget.
You will receive a wide range of benefits by submitting to Sell @ 100 Galleries (

100 Online gallery placements: Your artworks will be showcased to sell in up to 100 online gallery links globally.

Millions of visits: Your artworks will be in front of 10 million visitors from all around the world.

Best season to sell: This program has been considered as the end of the year sales which is a great chance to showcase and sell your art online.

Matching galleries: Your artworks will be displayed in the world-renowned art galleries matching your art characteristics.

Time saving: This program saves your time and energy because in order to have your art data appeared in 100 gallery links simultaneously, you only need to upload each artwork data once, not 100 times.

Free shipment: Selected artists with Gold and Platinum packages will benefit from a free shipment of their artwork (s) in case of sales.

Zero commission: For all artworks'sales, Biafarin's commission is zero percent.

Revenue streams: Upon the artist's approval, selling original artworks, prints, digital files, and merchandise is possible.

Affordability: The fee for your artworks to be distributed in up to 100 gallery links is only:
Us$ 50 for 1 artwork
Us$ 150 for 2 to 5 artworks
Us$ 200 for 6 to 10 artworks

Reporting: All selected artists will receive related notifications whenever there is a potential buyer.

Certificate: Selected artists will receive a digital certificate with a unique code for checking its validity.

Refund: If your artworks are not selected for this opportunity, you will be eligible to receive a refund for your submission fee in your Paypal account.

Other services: It is always possible to boost sales through other Biafarin services such as exhibitions, artist website builder, critique, interview, crowd review, media presence, etc.
Submit and boost your art sales in 2020 via the below link before November 10.2020:


We will be more than glad to answer any questions you might have.
Please check the link and let us know about your opinion and decision.

Wishing you a fruitful art sales program; Sharon

Opportunities Team
Biafarin Inc.

About Biafarin
Biafarin is a Canadian artist management company with a network of artists in 70+ countries. As an art technology company, our online platform empower artists to present, promote and sell their art worldwide.
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