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Enrique Lazzaro Bio and Exhibitions

Enrique Lazzaro Publicado: 3 de Marzo, 2023 / Modificado: 3 de Marzo, 2023
Enrique Lazzaro Bio and Exhibitions
Enrique Lazzaro was born in Barcelona in 1974 and since he was a child had a great devotion for drawing and looking at the great painters work to learn their techniques. He had a great art teacher who was his father that had very good skills and taste for arts. Enrique started making caricatures for events at the weekends when he was only 18 years old, later he got very good skills as a graphic designer and as a photographer. In 2008 he decided to paint to explore his creativity and since then his creativity has been growing up gradually inspired by great artists like Picasso, Jack B. Yeats, Cezanne, Tapies, Joan Miro… So he absorbs their technique and steals the essence to create another magic scenario…
His Art dealer in Ireland the great Denis Collins wrote this:
«Perhaps is not difficult to find something short to say about Lazzaro but once you look at his art work… It certanly is. The rich and erratic variety of his creations makes it unseizable in a few phrases. It burns with incandescent brilliance, and the lenses of his expression revolve about it as in a lighthouse. Only one thing is lasting and certain : the white glow in the heart of the whole intricate paraphernalia.
And Lazzaro doesn't help us. He announces no theories, he pours out what he feels without concerning himself further; he feels it, and that is enough.
Critics want theories, they must have explanations to account for these reactions…
Lazzaro is unpredictable. He remarks he doesn't have style and keeps experimenting, that is what makes this artist very interesting».

His first exhibition was at the University of Barcelona 1996 where he showed some drawings and caricatures.

In 2005 Lazzaro did a Photographic Exhibition called'Beautiful Visions'at La Fruteria Art Gallery.

2009 -2010 Permanent Exhibition Picassian Art at La Bodega Spanish Restaurant in Wexford, Ireland.

2010 Art exhibition at Westgates Wexford.

2010 Art Exhibition at Via Venetto Restaurant in Gorey, Ireland.

July 2013 Art Exhibition at Dennis Collins Gallery Wexford'When Imeet my Muse'September 2013 Art Exhibition at The Gaslamp Gallery in Gorey'L'amour et le Crane'March 2014 Art Exhibition at Fusion Cafe'A hole in Time'Exhibition at Fusion Cafe June 2016'La Beaute de la Femme'March 2017 Exhibition at la Perrockia Barcelona.

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