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This section provides answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you do not see the answer to your question here, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is ArtQuid?
2. How does ArtQuid work?
3. Does ArtQuid offer a special service for artists?
4. How can I promote my artworks for sale?
5. Do I need to login to use ArtQuid?
6. What is included in >> My account?
7. How do I purchase items on ArtQuid?
8. Does ArtQuid take a commission?
9. Who handles shipping?

1. What is ArtQuid?

ArtQuid is a global marketplace for Art and Antiques, where professionals (Art dealers, Art galleries, Artists) and individuals (Collectors) from around the world can create their own online Private Gallery so that interested buyers can browse and purchase any items they want directly from any location.

2. How does ArtQuid work?

ArtQuid is a true worldwide meeting point for buyers and sellers of the Art Market.

Sellers take advantage of our privileged catalogue with high exposure reaching an international network of professionals and collectors. Numerous features on each Item Detail page allow interested buyers to make purchasing decisions, as well as to contact a Seller directly. Visitors can easily browse the ArtQuid catalogue and look for specific items. If interested in a specific item a buyer can purchase the item directly from a seller. New sellers are constantly joining ArtQuid and new artworks are displayed in our catalogue weekly!

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3. Does ArtQuid offer a special service for artists?

Yes, ArtQuid offers an exclusive area where artists can exhibit their work in their own Private Gallery. Contemporary art lovers can browse our special Artists section and discover the latest up and coming artists.

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4. How can I promote my artworks for sale?

When you exhibit your artworks in the ArtQuid catalogue, you have access to a powerful multimedia platform specialized in the Art Market.

Benefit of all our great promotion tools:

Your ads are translated and available on ArtQuid France and ArtQuid International
Your ArtQuid Gallery is indexed on top of search engines
Your contact details and your web site are available on your ads
Your new artworks are displayed on Front Page
Artists are put forward in our exclusive area for Artists
Your web site is added in our special ArtQuid Fine Art Directory
You have the possibility to display a video directly on your ads

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5. Do I need to login to use ArtQuid?

No, you can browse ArtQuid without logging in. However, certain features such as to see prices, make price offers and contact the seller do require a login by providing an email address and password.

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6. What is included in My account?

My account gives a user access to the full functionality of the site including the following:

My contact details: edit your personal information
My Wish List: to store your favourite items for future actions
My artworks for sale: edit your items currently for sale
Ability to exhibit an artwork in the ArtQuid catalogue
Ability to view any item with full details (including price)
Ability to print or e-mail specific items

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7. How do I purchase items on ArtQuid?

Items are usually purchased directly from a Seller. To purchase an item a buyer simply has to contact the seller by using the contact information displayed on the Item Detail page. Once contact is established between the buyer and seller the transaction can take place off-line between the two parties.

8. Does ArtQuid take a commission?

No, ArtQuid charges no commission on transactions.
Buyers and sellers have a direct contact.

9. Who handles shipping?

Shipping is usually arranged directly between the buyer and seller. Sellers can offer shipping arrangements unless the buyer has a preferred shipper.

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